Tuesday, May 7, 2013

End of the year Teacher Gift!

Using cheap Terra Cotta planting pots, paint, and flowers (vinyl if your choose) you're sure to have the perfect gift!
I gave one to Alyssa's teacher last year and she LOVED it! I was trying to think of something for Alyssa's 3rd grade teacher and Alana's two preschool teachers for this year, when it dawned on me
- DUH - flowers!

For this SUPER easy project, you need....
Cheap Terra Cotta pots
Acrylic or latex paint
Clear coat protectant spray paint
Vinyl (is optional)
Potting Soil
I let the girls paint however they wanted. Alyssa's teacher loves Boise State Football. Alana just went to town on her own.
After they dried, I sprayed them with Rust-oleum Clear Glaze. Glass Finish
One of our local stores was having a sale on 4pack seed flowers for 58 cents! I let the girls pick their own flowers and they planted with little supervision.
They're super excited to give their gift, I'm sure just as excited as their teachers will be receiving them!
Happy Crafting!