Friday, May 3, 2013

Kids Scavenger Hunt!



Oh yes, this was a GREAT idea! If you need an idea for your child's birthday party ... make it a scavenger hunt! They all worked together, got exercise, and had a lot of fun! So much, that they wanted to do it again!

Things I will change if I do it again.....
- Their final prize baskets had a lot of little stuff in it from the $ store. When I do it again, I'll only have silly string, they loved it and had a silly string fight - having a lot would have been the best idea.
- They had to pop balloons in the middle of the hunt- with their bum. I would have done more balloons - they loved that part too (I had put candy in the balloons! They were using the decorative balloons and popping them just for fun!

With a lot of clues it can be confusing. Making sure you write down where the clue is and what # goes there. Like Clue #1 answer is Chicken Coop. On the chicken coop, clue # 2 is placed.

I hope you can get ideas from my clues to make one for your kids - it was a huge hit!!!!

For my clues on the scavenger hunt, I have things that you might not..... like my parents living a quarter mile away, silo, sand box, garden house. I did put all the clues for you to get the idea of what I did.

Below are the Clues in order that the kids received them ...
Start Here  ( page with Directions and Rules)
Clue #1  (given to the kids with the Start Here page)
Clue #2
Clue #3

The next two clues (Open me First and Clue #4) were put together....
Open Me First (This is clue is on two pages, feel free to copy and paste your own doc - to keep on one page)
Clue #4 (Put in the mail box with Open me First)
Clue #5
Clue #6
Clue #7
Clue #8

(I do not own or did not take the pictures saved in the PDF formatting for the clues. Thank you to the authors that have submitted them for our use.)