Thursday, June 20, 2013

A WelCOMing Site!!

There are so many CUTE ideas for a porch sign on Pinterest. I wanted something quick, easy, cheap, and no extra help (the hubs) required!

I have the 'country home' feeling kind of house. I wanted something that was vintage/rustic looking and something that didn't break the bank - hence the OLD FENCE POST!

With CHRISTMAS only 5.5 months away - summer and flowers are on sale! The flowers, soil and whiskey barrel were all on CLOSEOUT sales! TAKE IT!
The Post is an old fence post.
Hook, Board, and paint at local hobby store.

All I did was add the post to the barrel, soil and flowers around it.
For the board I first spray painted the edges, let dry and then painted 'chalkboard' paint.
Drilled the hook to the post.
Drilled two holes for the ribbon.
Tied the ribbon through.
Wrote 'Welcome' and Ta-DA! A beautiful WELCOMING site!