Friday, June 21, 2013

Tasagna - The Delicious Mistake!

This was a mistake that a friend made one evening. I was explaining how to make Enchilada Casserole. Standard dish made with corn tortillas. Well, they bought FLOUR tortillas. So because it was late, we were all hungry, she went to town making this... and wouldn't you know.... we ALL loved it. Who knew a simple mistake could be SO good!!!!

What you need:
- 1 pound of Hamburger (I use Elk or Venison)
- 1/2 of Medium sized onion (I'm partial to white onions)
- Taco Seasoning packet
- 19oz can of Enchilada Sauce
- 6 large tortillas (I use the burrito size tortillas that are fat free)
- Cheese (1 or 2 cups - depends how cheesy you want it)
- Casserole Pan (or a 9x9)

Start with making your taco meat. While the pan is heating, dice/chop your onion into small pieces. Put your hamburger in the frying pan dumping the onion with it. Mix together and brown the meat. After the meat is browned add your packet of taco meat. I usually have to add a couple tbsps. of water because my meat has no fat but if you have fat drain after cooking in the seasoning.

Now open your enchilada sauce, get your casserole pan, cheese, tortillas, and meat.

FIRST, start by adding a little sauce to the bottom of the pan.
SECOND, add your tortillas. I rip mine in half. Laying one end to the edge, ripping the other half to cover each remaining corner. Covering the pan
 THIRD, add some meat. Just drop some junks here and there.
FOURTH, add a little cheese.
FIFTH, add a little sauce. Just a swirl or two.
SIXTH and beyond.... keep adding layers just like this. TIP: I rotate which side the large tortilla lays on.... this way it sorta evens out. To the last layer, cover with cheese.

Heat on 375 degrees for 40 min. I usually have tin foil on for the first 20 and then remove it.
You could add sides that your family loves; rice and beans. Lettuce on top and delicious for your mouth!!!!
YOU CAN make this dish two or three days prior to cooking, keep in fridge. BUT remember to start it at a lower temp like 200 degrees to warm it up in the inside before burning it from such hot heat.