Friday, June 21, 2013

Rainbow Cupcakes

This is sure to please the guest's eyes and mouth! Simple way to brighten the boring color of white!
Here's what you need ...
- Cake mix and the ingredients to make batter.
- Mixing bowls
- 3 or more colors of food coloring
- Spoon for each color
- Cupcake pan and sheets

Simple is KEY! Make your batter, start separating the batter in bowls, making it as even as you can.

Start adding a spoonful of batter into each cupcake. Add colors on top. Don't worry about them not spreading evenly or not covering the other colors, it will show in the end. Take care to not add too much, by the time you get the end of colors - you might be adding too much.

Bake for normal time listed on the box and AS EASY AS PIE -  there you have super cute, bright and fun cupcakes!!!