Friday, June 21, 2013

Mint and Spearmint Garden CONTAINED!

I just love the smell and taste of both Mint and Spearmint! BUT, if you've ever planted it, you know how OUT OF CONTROL it can get! I decided to take the tutorial on the Flower Pallet Garden and reserve it with a purpose!

You can follow the tutorial on the Flower Pallet Garden here.

For this project I added a color to the pallet. I wiped off big junks of dirt and then just sprayed. It looks rustic and bright!

The right side has mint (one plant broken in two) and left side has spearmint. I threw Marigolds in for color and protection - bugs love the mint and spearmint! And Zinnias on top for some fun added color.

TIP! This pallet - because it's not full of plants - needs extra love from helping the dirt fall out. I've had it done for over a month and it's growing like crazy! I already have little sprouts coming up!!!

ANOTHER IDEA, you could use this for strawberries! When I complete my back yard, I will possibly do strawberries. We all love them but don't have the room for them to take off everywhere.

Let me know what you think!!!!