Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Floor Plan

Thought I would share the secret that helps me when cleaning the house. You're looking at it! Now you have the reason the Blog is called "LITTLE HOUSE" on Landruff Lane. Single Level home built in the 1930's. Even though I don't have a huge house, I work and manage this casa ... cleaning can feel a little bit OVERWHELMING! So I came up with the Floor Plan!

First thing I do is pick a day of the week that is my "Cleaning Day". Depending on life's schedules, it changes. Lately, it's been Sunday.

(Key secret - if there is something you can't stand dirty or messy, leave that part of your house for last. This way, you complete all the prior tasks - to get the one thing you know can't stay disgusting, done. Mine is the kitchen! The whole house could be trashed but the kitchen clean and I'll be fine. Crazy, I know! I can't stand dishes in the sink, counters and floor dirty. I'll do the entire house, ending with my kitchen. There would be no sleeping if I left it a mess. )

My "Floor Plan" is this....
* Start with making the beds
* Clean / pick-up one room at a time. I usually start with Our room. I do everything but mop and dust (I sweep right before I leave the room this would be your vacuum)
* I then move to the living room. Again Everything but Dusting and mopping
* Back room (Office, back door, laundry room). Same as everything before.
* Bathroom (should spray stuff down a couple steps prior to cleaning). Clean tub, sink, toilet, sweep then wipe the base boards. I think some people forget how disgusting this can get ... especially if it's around your toilet!
* Kitchen and dining room! I always do my dishes, clean off the counters and table. I make Pinsol water and wipe the appliances down, counters, table (putting the chairs on the table after wiping). After everything is wiped down, I take the rag and go the washer and dryer.

(That's all the room's for my house!)

By now everything should be picked up (hopefully your kids aren't home :)) and ready for dusting. I dust all the wood - one room at a time. Get the glass cleaner and do mirrors and TV, maybe a few windows if they need it.

Mop! I have to mop the entire house - hardwood floors EVERYWHERE.

Sit down with a drink and enjoy a clean house for approx. TWO SECONDS!

I hope this helps! Sometimes having a plan makes things seem a little bit less overwhelming.