Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Re-Lamp Bird Bath

LOVE this idea! Credit is due for those extra creative pinners on Pinterest! Found thrift store lamps (very ugly) and dollar store bowls - turned into super cute bird baths! So for those old Grandma lamps, that no one will EVER buy,  re-purpose into something you and the yard will love!
I bought this lamp on sale at a Thrift store and the bowls from the dollar store - think beyond the ugly - - -

MISTAKE I LEARNED, some lamps are not all connected as one piece! There is a Rod that goes from the bottom to the top. This rod can be taller than the lamp - which wouldn't make it possible to glue the bowl on, it also could be the piece keeping the lamp connected as ONE piece. 
So when buying your lamp, I would look for this....
- Solid Base
- The top of base, after the light bulb part is removed, is wide enough for a bowl to sit on.
- I would also make sure that the base of the lamp will be SKINNIER than the bowl you plan to place on top.
These are three critical things I was missing before I bought 4 lamps - 2 being the only usable.

Remove all your hardware and wire.

Primer and paint -
This was all done with Rust-oleum Spray paint

After the blue paint, I wanted character, I antiqued with stain and glaze. With everything dry, I sprayed with a matte finish clear coat to protect against weather.

I used Heavy Duty Bonding glue for the bowls. I also drilled holes in the bowl. I know, weird. We live in the country and mosquitoes are awful! I think there would be more mosquito -baby- making than birds splashing in water. Pick the battles... this happens to be one I will prevent!
Happy Crafting your Bird Bath!!!