Sunday, April 7, 2013

Make something Small say A LOT!

I read a magazine once that said there should always be a pop of color (furniture) in each room ... and that EVERYTHING matching is out-dated. While I believe the pop of color, I like things matching. I went out on a limb today ... purple is not in my color coordinating - re-do of a room! I LOVE IT!

First, start by taking the hardware off, doors and drawers, making sure to put everything in a container so you don't lose any little pieces.

With little sanding, I took the shine off the dresser, this took five minutes.

I brushed the bonding primer on. I have a whole gallon and honestly, it works so well - I don't want to chance the peeling with trying something else. They do make primer in spray paint - just haven't tried it yet.

After the primer I went for the spray paint. I chose Rust-oleum's Grape in a gloss finish. I sprayed down once and let dry over night, brought them back out the next day and spot sprayed where there needed more paint.

After it's dried completely, I put the hardware back on and Viola!