Saturday, April 6, 2013

Light up Their faces!

  Found this post on Pinterest and I loved it! My Dad turned 50. What to give a guy that gets what he needs, maybe a little of what he doesn't ... leaving the gifting a real challenge! So far, I think this is one of his favorite creations I've given him so far! Sure to past any test and could work for any occasion!! For about $5, you could light up someone's world!

What you need:
- Vase
- Vellum (pictures printed on)
- Modpodge (I used the Matte Finish - it still gets a little shiny finish)
- Brush/sponge
- Credit Card (I used the Cricut tool)

Start with making sure the pictures will fit how you want.

Clean the vase.

Now, I'm not very experienced at the modpodging ...

Add a layer of modpodge, laying the picture on the top.

Working from the middle, start working the bubbles out.

Working the bubbles out is easier said then done. Especially when trying to save the picture. BUT, everyone asked how I got the "worn" look. I'm a perfectionist, if I had it my way, it would have looked like it was "one with the glass", but apparently accidents can be successful!

After I fought with the bubbles enough, I added a thin layer of Modpodge on the top and let dry.

When it's dark and lit up, it did look great and you couldn't see the bubbles.

And there you have something SO easy, affordable and will win the special someone over!