Saturday, March 9, 2013

A little bit about me (us)

Just about me...
I'm Kristi. I LOVE crafting, FAMILY, creating, learning, sun, FLOWERS, cooking, COLORS, eating, LAUGHING, hugs and kisses, I LOVE YOU's, friends, being INSPIRED, weight STRUGGLES, hunting, reading WHILE the kids and hubs FISH, COFFEE, yard work, inspire OTHERS, camping, TALKING, my puppies, games, BBQ's, painting WALLS, iced TEA .... my list could go ON AND ON!

My Inspiration ...
I think REAL PEOPLE need a BLOG. I WORK full time, I raise TWO GIRLS, I love MY husband, I LOVE my GIRLS, I'm NOT RICH, I live in a SMALL HOUSE, I BELIEVE everything HAPPENS for a REASON, I struggle with MY weight, I clean to FIND my house IS TRASHED two seconds LATER, I love my FAMILY, I LOVE to cook BUT my KIDS are picky, I CREATE, I want to INSPIRE others, I have FAITH but don't ATTEND church EVERY Sunday, I love PAINTING and DECORATING rooms, LIFE, I love TO be CHEAP, I love PLANTING and GROWING my flowers and GARDEN, love SEWING, wanting to CHALLENGE myself and TRY NEW things .... and this BLOG will BE ABOUT it ALL - and then some!

My Family ...
I LOVE, LOVE my family. Alan and I are high school SWEETHEARTS. Together twelve YEARS, married EIGHT. We have TWO GIRLS; Alyssa (8) and Alana (4). We LIVE on two ACRES in a HOMESTEAD house. We have A HORSE, doggie, and a CHICKEN.
When YOU meet ME, you MEET the ENTIRE family ... together Alan and I share....
SIX brothers (& 1 ANGEL above)
SIX Grandmas
One GRANDPA (& 3 angels ABOVE)
LOTS of AUNTS and UNCLEs, cousins, GREAT Aunts AND uncles .... AND when THERE's a CELEBRATION, we ALL come TOGETHER!