Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tulle Flower Clips

You will need:
Tulle (I used Scrap pieces)
Needle and Thread
Hot Glue Gun
A shot glass - something small and circle
Jewels (something for the center)

1. Make a five petal flower and cut out. Doesn't have to be perfect.

2. Place the flower over a stack of Tulle. I believe I had 5 layers of tulle.

3. Pin each petal. This helps from the tulle sliding as you cut.

4. Continue with each color you'd like in your hair piece. I used four for this clip.

5. Stack a variety of your colors - 4 to 6 layers on top of each other. Again doesn't need to be lined up perfect.

6. Fold in half

7. Fold again, making a triangle

8. Poke the needle in the bottom corner where ends are folded together. Keep in mind you'll have to stop pulling thread long before you reach the end, thread will slid right through the tulle.

9. Take another stack of Tulle. Mixing color order from the first stack. Sew the ends together.

10. Continue pattern in a circle.

11. Overlap your stacks. Take care to catch where you might have a heavier side of tulle.

12. Finish sewing layers with a knot. Set aside.

13. Take the clip, lay top face down. Stick the ribbon in clip, making it long enough to fold over the bottom (the ribbon is to help make a base for gluing onto the flower)

14. Hot glue the bottom, press firmly so that both sides of ribbon are glued to the bottom of clip. (take care to open the clip or you'll glue it shut)

15. Trace and cut circle of felt (excuse the less than perfect circle, I had helpers :) Hot glue the circle to back of flower.

16. Glue the bottom of clip to the back of flower.

17 Flip over clip and glue your centerpieces on and there you have it!!!