Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cute WOOD letters

I wanted something besides boring painted black letters! I'm so bad! I bought these over a year ago, on sale, they haven't been touched since! That is until now!

I came up with a way that was easy and fast, but changed the whole appearance
of the letter!

You'll Need:
- Wooden Letters
- Paint - I used acrylic
- Transfer Tape (or stickers)
- Paper punch - if using transfer tape
- Paint brush or sponge

To save time and paint, I just put a drop of paint on the letter itself!

TRICK KEY - you'll need to make sure that you cannot see the paint strokes in the paint.

With the one dot of paint, that may help start another because of the excess. 

When the paint starts to dry, brush over it again, evening the texture.

(hope this all made sense?)

I used 5 different colors, you can use as many or less as you want.

You can also choose how many dots you want to show through the overall color of the letter.

After finishing the project, I would have changed it by adding more painted dots.

When the paint is dry, get your transfer tape and paper punch.

Start punching enough designs to cover all your dots.

Start sticking them!

(I used transfer tape because I had A LOT, you could use vinyl, or stickers - there are endless things to use as long as they'll stick good)

Using a smoothing tool - or a credit card - start from the middle of the stickers working your way out.

This will help prevent the edges lifting and bending.

(Sorry for the nasty nails, I was refinishing the dresser at the same time. Manicure time -
I think, Yes!)

Start Painting!

The tricky part is the edges of the letter, if you're painting them. You could paint the edges at the very bringing of the project, wait until the top is completely done, or do it while you're painting the top - it's really your preference)

Again, take care to paint the designs starting from the middle, working your way out. This helps with the paint seeping under your designs.

Peel your designs off!
And there you have the cuteness!!!

You can easily hang these using VELCRO!

Enjoy and get CREATIVE!