Friday, March 15, 2013

Family "Word" Wall

I started with my Mom's plaque for her Birthday. I gave Dad's his for Christmas. That's when we came up with the idea of a "plaque wall" with the whole family.

The short tutorial and idea of giving Mom her plaque, I found on How Does She.

I don't have a tutorial yet - Stay tuned for that. Below is my short description....

The Plaques are in order by who they are - with the plaque size. Mom's is a large square. Dad's is an oval. Kids are small rectangle and their grand kids (my girls) are the circles.

I bought all the plaques with the exception of the small rectangles. Alan cut those from a large board. I don't do wood working (someday I would love to learn!) so if you do or have someone in your family ...Utilize them, it's cheaper! Otherwise wait for coupons before buying.

I first painted the edges, let dry. For the small rectangles I sanding the edges first- adding dimension.
Getting craft paper, measure and cut paper to fit on the front of plaque.
Decoupage (I liked using Matt finish) paper to the front.
I used my Cricut for the words with black vinyl, adding one word at a time.
Change fonts, bold, italic, etc to add a different appeal and to separate words from each other.
I drilled two small holes to place wire for the boys - curly
For the girls I added a flower to theirs.
Add hangers to the back

You'll need eleven to fifteen words for each plaque.

A tip for you ... choose craft paper that doesn't have a lot of texture. Vinyl has a hard time staying on otherwise.

IDEA - if making for the ENTIRE FAMILY, we did it all together. I gave each person a sticky for each name we were doing a plaque on, giving them a couple seconds to write TWO words that describe that person. Adding all thoughts together, makes the plaques that much more meaningful!

If you don't want to make these, I sell them on my Etsy website. I send an email with the questions and worksheet. Customize per your order. 

Get to Crafting! Great gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day too!