Saturday, March 16, 2013

Trash vs. Kids

In this life, there is a lot TRASH and there are Bored KIDS!
Why not handle a little bit of both at one time!?

Alyssa set out with her cousin Taylor down the road at our house. They're eight years old, they thought they were cool, I thought it was a great idea - they wanted to pick up trash. We live in an area that I feel is completely safe. They would pass by only one house (close to the road) and we know them. Neighbors know neighbors, one of those, they got a new car and some one's having a birthday party kind of places.

They left with two grocery bags, came back with an extra bag and ALL were completely FULL! Keep in mind, they walked a quarter of a mile stretch, and in a place where there's not a lot traffic! So imagine a place that's drove a lot more.

Idea FOR you and KIDS .... take the them for a walk - or let them go by themselves - and help the Earth at the same time! I was SUPER proud of the girls and they were REALLY proud of themselves! Getting them out of the house and being free is great for EVERYBODY (especially Mom)!