Monday, March 11, 2013

Tulle Cute Cupcakes

For these ADORABLE cupcakes, you will need:

A box, cardboard. (I used a cereal box)
Shot Glass - something small and round to trace
Hot Glue Gun
A hair pretty.
(Click here to learn how to make your own Tulle Hair Clip)

Step One:
Get the hair pretty made or bought. 

I'm going to challenge you to  make your own! Much more rewarding to when you see their cute heads wearing the clip!

Or in my case.. "Alyssa's Mom made this clip!" 
Thaaaat's right, I did! 

Step Two:
Find a box or cardboard (cereal box)
Trace your circles, shot glass works great
Cut your circles out.

Step Three:
Cut your straws to a shorter length
(I believe mine was in thirds)
Glue an end to the circles and let dry
Step Four:
Clip your Clip to the circles
Stick the straw in the middle of the cupcake, it's better to insert at a little angle.
You may need to adjust the straw length, they look silly if they're too high
Step Five:
Enjoy the Girls' faces and the credit for making these
Tulle Cute Cupcakes!
High Five Mom (or Dad)!